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›  Why bees soared and slime flopped as inspirations for systems engineering
Honeybees gathering nectar inspired an algorithm that eased the burden of host servers handling unpredictable traffic by about 25 percent. Nature can inspire some great engineering, but it can also lead to some flops. Take slime mold: Standard algorithms beat it hands down to model connectivity.
›  Studying mitosis' structure to understand the inside of cancer cells
Cell division is an intricately choreographed ballet of proteins and molecules that divide the cell. During mitosis, microtubule-organizing centers assemble the spindle fibers that separate the copying chromosomes of DNA. While scientists are familiar with MTOCs' existence and the role they play in cell division, their actual physical structure remains poorly understood. Researchers are now trying to decipher their molecular architecture.
›  What makes circadian clocks tick?
Circadian clocks arose as an adaptation to dramatic swings in daylight hours and temperature caused by the Earth's rotation, but we still don't fully understand how they work. Scientists studying the circadian clock of blue-green colored cyanobacteria. The group discovered that how the proteins move hour by hour is central to cyanobacteria's circadian clock function.
›  Ras protein's role in spreading cancer
Protein systems make up the complex signaling pathways that control whether a cell divides or, in some cases, metastasizes. Ras proteins have long been the focus of cancer research because of their role as 'on/off switch' signaling pathways that control cell division and failure to die like healthy cells do. Now, a team of researchers has been able to study precisely how Ras proteins interact with cell membrane surfaces.
›  Using mutant bacteria to study how changes in membrane proteins affect cell functions
›  Stretchable electronics a 'game changer' for stroke recovery treatment
A first-of-its-kind sensor that sticks to the throat and measures speech and swallowing patterns could be a game-changer in the field of stroke rehabilitation.
›  Newborn babies who suffered stroke regain language function in opposite side of brain
A stroke in a baby -- even a big one -- does not have the same lasting impact as a stroke in an adult. A study found that a decade or two after a 'perinatal' stroke damaged the left 'language' side of the brain, affected teenagers and young adults used the right sides of their brain for language.
›  Ultrathin, highly elastic skin display developed
A new ultrathin, elastic display that fits snugly on the skin can show the moving waveform of an electrocardiogram recorded by a breathable, on-skin electrode sensor. Combined with a wireless communication module, this integrated biomedical sensor system -- called 'skin electronics' -- can transmit biometric data to the cloud.
›  To sleep, perchance to forget
People and other animals sicken and die if they are deprived of sleep, but why is sleep so essential? Psychiatrists proposed the 'synaptic homeostasis hypothesis' (SHY) in 2003. This hypothesis holds that sleep is the price we pay for brains that are plastic and able to keep learning new things. A few years ago, they started research that could show direct evidence for their theory. The result offers visual proof of SHY.
›  Asteroid 'time capsules' may help explain how life started on Earth
In popular culture, asteroids play the role of apocalyptic threat, get blamed for wiping out the dinosaurs -- and offer an extraterrestrial source for mineral mining. But for one researcher, asteroids play an entirely different role: that of time capsules showing what molecules originally existed in our solar system. Having that information gives scientists the starting point they need to reconstruct the complex pathway that got life started on Earth.
›  Personalized curriculum captures students' imagination, interest
Focusing on their personal DNA and genealogies, middle school students appear to have learned as much as their peers who used case studies, according to a researcher.
›  Illegal global trade of pangolins
Animal traffickers are taking advantage of remote ivory trade routes to smuggle pangolins ? one of the world?s most endangered animals ? out of Central Africa, a new study has found.
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Students plan protests, Washington march, to demand gun control after mass shooting
PARKLAND, Fla. (Reuters) - Stunned by the deadliest high school shooting in U.S. history, ...
›  Trump: FBI missed signs on Florida shooting due to Russia probe
›  Student survivors of Florida shooting slam Trump over FBI tweets
›  Firearms debate rages as Florida rally coincides with gun show
›  Father who forgave son for family's murder asks Texas to spare his life
›  Republicans face first test of tax cuts' power to sway voters
›  U.S. charges Russians with 2016 U.S. election tampering to boost Trump
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Iran continues search for missing plane, no wreckage found yet
LONDON (Reuters) - Iranian rescue teams were still trying to locate the wreckage of a plan...
›  Exclusive: For now, U.S. wants Europeans just to commit to improve Iran deal
›  Carnival probes security personnel's response to brawl in South Pacific cruise
›  Reports of hundreds of Russians killed in Syria attempt to exploit war : RIA cites Lavrov
›  Iraqi court sentences Turkish woman to death for joining IS
›  Myanmar policeman who detained Reuters pair 'did not know arrest procedures'
›  Philippines says suspect Islamist militant recruiter arrested
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Ice Hockey: U.S. women ease past Finland into final
GANGNEUNG, South Korea (Reuters) - The U.S. cruised into their third straight women's Olym...
›  Alpine skiing: Vonn to defy online 'bullies'
›  Athletics: Coleman world record highlights U.S. indoor champs
›  Russian team in shock over Games doping scandal
›  Alpine skiing: Vonn joins other top names in shunning team event
›  Figure skating: Wardrobe malfunction affects ice dancers
›  Alpine skiing: Venier sets women's downhill pace with Goggia, Vonn on her tail
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Asian shares extend global recovery as volatility subsides
TOKYO (Reuters) - Asian shares gained on Monday, joining a global recovery for equity mark...
›  For timing of Aramco IPO, watch forward oil price curve
›  Alibaba, Tencent rally troops amid $10 billion retail battle
›  In boost to reform, Saudi Arabia's cabinet approves bankruptcy law
›  South Korea's Moon bemoans GM plant closure move, calls on government to help workers
›  Software may have helped Daimler pass U.S. emissions tests: report
›  Jittery U.S. bond market braces for supply wave
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'Black Panther' Smashes Records With $218 Million at Holiday Weekend Box Office
LOS ANGELES (Variety.com) - Disney-Marvel's "Black Panther" is heading for ...
›  Trump blasts Oprah over 60 Minutes episode
›  'Three Billboards' leads the pack at politically edged BAFTA awards
›  Wilde's struggle has echoes in some countries today, says "Happy Prince" director Everett
›  Refugees' stories inspire filmmakers at Berlin Film Festival
›  Film at Berlin fest examines how Islamic State jihadists recruit European brides
›  French star Isabelle Huppert glad women are speaking up about harassment
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Alibaba, Tencent rally troops amid $10 billion retail battle
SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China's tech giants Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and Tencent Holdings L...
›  Facebook plans to use U.S. mail to verify IDs of election ad buyers
›  Proxy advisory firm ISS says Qualcomm should negotiate sale to Broadcom
›  Software may have helped Daimler pass U.S. emissions tests: report
›  India's City Union Bank CEO says suffered cyber hack via SWIFT system
›  India's Reliance, global tech firms to invest $9.3 billion in industrial area
›  Careem acquires Middle East online restaurant listing platform, to trial food delivery
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As China's Year of the Dog begins, imperial Pekingese breed is scarce
›  Burberry shows its colors for designer Bailey's swansong
›  Tea sets and Ascot inspire Mulberry's instant-fashion launch
›  Berlinale film shows refugees' lives at historic airport
›  French farmer finds happiness in life before machines
›  Boarding now for a flight from Tokyo to Paris that never takes off
›  Designer Westwood stages London fashion fracking protest
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The Roads Can Be Like A Parking Lot Especially In The U.S.
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Mazda Blows Winter Driving Out Of The Way
Driving can be dangerous sometimes in the best conditions and winter can make it worse, unless your prepared. Take for example, Mazda?s MX-5 roadster, widely praised for its excellent, well balanced h...

Upgrading Safety Even In The Taillights
DETROIT ? Everyday car companies explore new ways to keep your family safe, and now they created upgrades to fix the lighting as well. Not only does today’s exterior lighting improve safety, des...

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Cyber Security, The First Thing To Be Fixed
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With the concern of global warming looming over us everyday, car companies are pulling together ideas to help, but are they better? Dr. Keith Tao, a radiologist in Danville, Calif., owns three late-mo...

Studies Say Pedestrians Are Now At More Of A Risk
Just because you are walking to your destination does not mean you can be less aware of danger. The death toll of pedestrians killed in traffic crashes is projected to spike about 10% in 2015 compared...

Car Companies Take One More Step Forward On The Road Electric Vehicles
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Where?s The Fun When Your Car Drives For You?
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What You Need To Know To Leave The Action With A Car At the End Of The Day
When you need to buy a car do you search online through search engines, visit car companies or talk to friends? Another possible way for you to purchase a car is through an auction. You wouldn?t know ...

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